New products from the "Ýeňiş" store in Arkadag

New products from the "Ýeňiş" store in Arkadag

The demand for quality products manufactured at our plant is growing among the population. This speaks to the need to increase the number of our local online stores.

Our factory, which always strives to meet the needs of its customers, has opened two more new stores in the city of Ashgabat and Mary, with a large number of requests and requests. Like our previous stores, our new outlets will offer high quality products from the "Yenish" garment factory at affordable prices.

Stores of our factory in Ashgabat: 117 Niyazov Avenue, 1st store. Located at the Bereketli shopping and entertainment center in the Parahat 7 residential complex, store 209 on the second floor of the market will now offer its customers the products of our factory.

We remind you that a new workshop of our factory has opened in the city of Peshanaly, Mary velayat.

By the way, we remind the readers of our website that the shops of the "Yenish" garment factory also operate at the following addresses:

- In Ashgabat:

1. st. Gorogly, 770, Commodity Research Center "Altyn Asyr", phone: +99312 925191;

2. Ashgabat, Shopping Center "Bereketli" shop 209, tel.: +993 62 53 49 65;

3. Ashgabat, 117 Atamurat Niyazov Avenue, 1st store, tel. + 993 60 192323;

4. Ashgabat, Shopping Mall "Ashgabat": C-172 Victory Store, phone + 993 63 74 69 24

- To Mary:

Shop 1, st. Archabil, 1a, tel.: +993 62 508883

Shop 2, Atamyrat Niyazov Avenue, 1, tel.: +993522 46028;

Shop 3, st. Mollanepes, 66, shop. 3, tel.: +993 65 175449;

Shop 4, Altyn Asyr street, Bayramali, tel.: + 993 62 55 19 88

Shop 5, Peshanaly City + 993 65 30 76 82

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