"Yenish" Sewing Factory offers modern shirts

"Yenish" Sewing Factory offers modern shirts

You may already be familiar with the products manufactured at this plant. Also, the factory regularly participates in major metropolitan exhibitions. With large outlets in Ashgabat and Mary, large and small outlets in other regions of the country, the factory is mainly engaged in sewing children's and men's shirts. These products are among the most popular textiles in the stores of our country.

- In addition to presenting men's and children's shirts to the general public, the production of Victory Brand shirts, competitive in the world market, has been established. Victory shirts are created in quality men's clothing in our factory using specially designed modern equipment with the latest equipment. The Victory store has opened in the recently opened Ashgabat shopping and entertainment center in Ashgabat specifically for new stores.

"Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers." Modernity, high quality, sincerity, product comfort are some of the main requirements here.

27 years of history
The Jenisch garment factory was founded in 1992. By the beginning of 2021, 430 workers have been employed, including 379 women. The factory has 3 sewing workshops and 5 brigades. There are also workshops, workshops, 2 ironing and packing points.

The factory, which has been expanding its product range from year to year, now produces a wide range of shirts for men and children.

Supply of raw materials
Raw materials from the textile complexes of Rukhabat, Turkmenbashi and the Turkmenabat silk production association are supplied to the plant, which uses about 84 percent of its total capacity. Raw materials come in many different forms. One type of raw material is 100% cotton and the other is 100% fine staple cotton. 80% of the product is made of cotton fiber, 20% polyester or 67% cotton fiber and 33% woven polyester.

Advanced technology for high quality
The production facilities of the company are equipped with the latest equipment from leading companies in Russia, China, Germany and Japan. These are Olsha type sewing machines such as Textima, Juki, Durkoff, Konnegiesser. In 2013, 45% of the company's existing sewing equipment was replaced with new modern specialized high-quality sewing equipment for men and children from the Japanese company Juki, and the remaining 55% were replaced with modern sewing machines.

Where can I buy Victory products?
Do you know what is the most pleasant and most important thing for buyers? Prices are much lower than imported shirts, and since the fabrics used to make shirts are free of synthetic blends or are in very small quantities, the man is very fond of them.

Looking to buy a cheap quality world class dress? Then the Jenisch garment factory is the right address for you.

Dear Customers! Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the Yenish sewing workshops in Ashgabat and Mary:

1. Ashgabat, st. Gorogly, 770, Commodity Research Center "Altyn Asyr", tel .: +99312 925191;

2. Shop No. 1, 117 Niyazov Avenue, Ashgabat, tel: 19 23 23

3 Shopping Center Ashgabat: C-172 Victory Shop, + 993 63 74 69 24

- To Mary:

- Shop 1, Atamyrat Niyazov Avenue 1, phone: +993 522 4 60 28;

- Shop 2, Mollanepes street, 66, phone: +993 65 175449;

- 3rd store, st. Archabil, 1a, tel.: +993 62 508883

In addition, you can buy dresses from the Yenish garment factory in specialized stores of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan in all regions.
By the way, shirts can be ordered in bulk and wholesale from the company itself, as well as through the factory's website.

Choose "Victory": this is your VICTORY when choosing a dress to your liking!

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