"Yenish" factory launched a mobile application for mobile phones and tablets

"Yenish" factory launched a mobile application for mobile phones and tablets

It has become easier to choose and buy products for the customers of our "Yenish" garment factory: our garment factory has launched a mobile application for mobile phones and tablets.

As in the rest of the world, today in our country there is a leap forward in the digital system. As a result, digital services are also constantly improving. Large companies, trading and service systems launch their own websites, mobile applications. This is very convenient in terms of saving time and money by establishing online relationships between the seller and the buyer.

The main feature of mobile applications is that it is very convenient to use. By downloading it from mobile phone stores to your phone or tablet, you can keep up to date with the latest products from our garment factory on the road, at work, in transport, at school and anywhere. The news is constantly updated. More detailed information about the products of our garment factory can be found on our website.

The application for mobile devices works easily and quickly. In our mobile application you will find the latest news about the news of our sewing factory "Yenish", contact phones, store addresses, information about each product, the composition of the raw materials, different product images, different sizes and prices.

The app menu is divided into two sections: "Men's Shirts" and "Children's Shirts" to make it easier for buyers to choose products. It is also possible to make online purchases of the selected goods in cashless form, that is, by paying for Altyn Asyr plastic cards. There is also a delivery service for online shopping.

Dear buyers! Use our mobile app to get acquainted with the products and news of our sewing factory "Yenish". We set ourselves the task of "meeting the needs of our customers"!

Posted on 10/02/2023 Täzelikler 3229

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