We set ourselves the task of "satisfying the needs of our customer."

Biz barada

The main production of Mary's Victory sewing factory is one of the leaders in the manufacture of men's and children's shirts, and the quality of the products that have been produced in our domestic markets for many years now.

Our main goal is to fully satisfy the needs of the buyers. This is a high quality, modern product, the soul of the dress, the comfort. Our company is constantly updating the types of dresses. The composition of the raw material is important for the manufacture of shirts.

The raw material of the shirts we sew is pure white cotton, silk cotton, as well as mixed (80% cotton, 20% polyester). Another thing that we are paying attention to is that the prices of these dresses are affordable.

Secret of comfort! 

In the prosperous period of our sovereign state, the economy of our country has made new strides. Today, thanks to the efforts of the President, the textile industry, which is a young and very promising sector of the economy of our country, has been able to create high-quality textile products that are competitive in any world market as a result of the introduction of innovative techniques, technologies and diversification of manufacturing enterprises. The Victory sewing factory has also launched the production of high-quality, world-class comfortable, world-class dresses. In this regard, it is our great responsibility to satisfy the needs of the people and to fill our markets with affordable shirts. 

Speciality of our shirts.

Natural, Soft, Comfort

Cotton is a natural product that does not contain chemicals. Natural fabrics woven from cotton fiber allow the skin to breathe and provide high levels of air circulation. Cotton fibers are hypoallergenic and do not cause discomfort or static electricity in the sensitive body.

The addition of a small amount of polyester fiber to the fabric of the dress allows the dresses to be significantly enhanced without disturbing the comfort and flexibility of the dress. helps keep it long.

For those reasons, you can get the shirts you wear often from the "Yenish" sewing factory.

Strong and convenient 

The product woven from cotton fiber is distinguished by its strength and convenience. It absorbs moisture well. At the same time, while other fabrics are easily torn in the wet, cotton woven products are even stronger. Shirts made of cotton fiber are great for wearing in the hot weather in the summer. This is because in the hot weather it allows your body to keep cool and dry with its high air circulation feature and to keep your body warm in winter. You can wear them in all seasons!

How to take care of shirts made of cotton fiber

Shirts should be washed at 30-40 degrees.

Products woven from cotton fiber should be protected from direct sunlight during drying.

Cloths woven from cotton fiber should be used with a specially designed temperature when ironing.